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How inquiry-based learning will help MCS students thrive

The powerful approach to learning at the core of the Mediterranean College of Sport philosophy.


Learning is at the heart of everything we do at the Mediterranean College of Sport. With our unique focus on a dual-career pathway, we strive to create an environment where student-athletes can unlock their full potential in both their academic and sporting spheres.

To make this a reality, one of the strongest tools we employ is inquiry-based learning, an active form of learning that, at its core, develops conceptual thinking skills.


Fostering curiosity

Using this key methodology, problems are discussed and solved, scenarios and conditions are established, and questions are encouraged as a pathway to knowledge instead of merely posing facts, formulas, and a clear linear trajectory towards knowledge acquisition.

Inquiry teaching and learning challenges students to think, reason, explore, discuss, and communicate their understandings. By presenting learners with challenging tasks, usually in the form of open questions, situations, and problems, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and develop a deeper understanding of key concepts.

At MCS, we believe that inquiry teaching and learning is essential for developing the skills that are necessary for success, both academically and in athletes’ sporting careers. By fostering a sense of curiosity and encouraging students to ask questions and explore different perspectives, we create a learning environment that is engaging and dynamic.

Our focus on conceptual thinking ensures that our students have a deep understanding of the underlying principles and ideas that drive success in both sports and academics. By developing a conceptual understanding of key ideas and principles, students are better able to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.


Holistic development

In addition to our focus on inquiry teaching and learning and conceptual thinking, we also use continuous and formative assessment to unlock the potential of our student-athletes. This approach to assessment allows us to monitor student progress on an ongoing basis and provide feedback that is tailored to their individual needs.

All this is complemented by a level of individual attention made possible by a small school population coupled with the positive and caring environment created by our highly-skilled and professional staff. We will strive to understand the needs of each individual learner, ensuring that the planning and delivery of lessons is suitably pitched and appropriately challenging.

Moreover, student-athletes will benefit from the combined efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to ensure that their sporting and academic demands are always working hand-in-hand – from teachers and coaches to sports psychologists and nutritionists. Our Athlete Management System helps to monitor their physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing every step of the way.

Our goal will always be to help our students develop into confident, resilient, and well-rounded thinkers and leaders ready to excel at any challenge they face, both on and off the field.


The Mediterranean College of Sport is set to be one of the most pioneering educational and sporting facilities in the Maltese islands, aiming to develop future athletes of international calibre. The co-educational college is set to open its doors to students in October 2024 and will be housed opposite St Aloysius College in Birkirkara. For further information please send an email to .

 Currently MCS is holding a number of informative meetings with parents. Please register your interest if you wish to attend. Register Here