Our Sports Science Programme is the vehicle to optimise performance potential, the physical & psycho-social development of our young athletes.

Sports Science provides the underpinning athletic skills to better execute the demands of their chosen field of sport.
Sports Science should neither attempt to mimic or replicate sport-specific actions, but rather build the fundamentals underlying physical & mental capacities, that allow the expression of these skills to a far higher level.
It will be the X Factor of our Sports Provision and will include the following areas:

Strength & Conditioning

Our programme focuses on training load monitoring and management of athletes, both on and off the field. We will help coaches plan and structure training sessions, ensuring they are tailored to the individual needs of each athlete. We also provide guidance on proper movement and exercise techniques, considering the athlete’s maturation and growth. Additionally, we assess the athlete’s training age and conduct physical tests to track progress. Collaboration with our medical and coaching staff is vital to ensure a holistic approach to athlete development.

Sport Psychology

We assess the mental and social well-being of our student-athletes and its impact on performance. This includes understanding factors that may influence performance, such as home life and training challenges. By providing support and guidance, we help them navigate these challenges and optimise their mental state for peak performance.

Performance Analysis

Our team will use video footage and computer-generated statistics to analyse games, events, and training sessions. This feedback helps athletes identify areas for improvement and rectify any problems. By leveraging performance analysis, we aim to enhance overall performance and optimise the athlete’s development.

Sport Nutrition

We assist athletes in planning and analysing their diets, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrition during training, competition, and recovery. Our sports nutritionist will offer individual dietary assessments, counselling, and menu planning to meet each athlete’s specific needs. We also encourageĀ  student-athletes to learn and to develop the right behavioural habits and offer guidance on nutritional supplements, helping them fuel their bodies effectively.

Sport Biomechanics

We will analyse how the body moves using computer software. Our goal is to help athletes develop optimal techniques that maximize performance while minimizing the risk of injuries. By studying biomechanics, we provide valuable insights to improve an athlete’s technique.

Customised Training

Our team will measure how the body responds to exercise and training. Using specialized equipment like heart monitors and oxygen analysers, we gather data to assess an athlete’s physiological capabilities and limitations. With this information, we design customised training programmes that address weaknesses and optimise performance.