Entry points for the first scholastic year are in Year 7 (Born 2013), Year 8 (Born 2012), Year 9 (Born 2011) and in 1st Year Sixth Form (Born 2008).

Entry to the college is by application and under a pre-published set of terms and conditions.

The leading principle for the college is that it offers places to talented student-athletes who have demonstrated a significant aptitude and potential in football, athletics, swimming, water polo or artistic swimming at their age.

In addition, we consider the following criteria:

  • Relentless effort and enthusiastic attitude to support their personal development.
  • Intrinsic drive to succeed both in sports and academia.
  • Self-confidence, growth mindset, and resilience.
  • High potential for future development in their identified sport.
  • High level of coachability that enables them to seek and accept a variety of feedback.
  • Very good level of demonstrated physiological attributes, technical competencies relevant to their identified sport (evaluated through a defined sports assessment).
  • Demonstrate positive academic effort, behaviour, and achievement.
    High level of parental support.

Registrations are now being accepted online for scholastic year 2024-25.  All Registrations will be acknowledged and applicants will receive correspondence informing them if they have been successful in gaining an assessment.

Key Information

Sports specific selection trials, physiological and psychological testing:
Years 7, 8 & 9 and 1st Year Sixth Form – Week before 18th February 2024.

Academic reviews:

Years 7, 8 & 9 – Week before 4th March 2024.
1st Year Sixth Form – following SEC results – week before 22nd July 2024.


Years 7, 8 & 9 and 1st Year Sixth Form – Week before 11th March 2024.
All applicants are required to complete an Application Form and participate in a series of selection trials. The trials include sports specific practical assessments, physiological and psychological testing and an interview.
Further information is detailed within an Application Form which will be available for download in portable document format (PDF) after the end of November 2023.