To Shine


The Mediterranean College of Sport is set to be the school where student-athletes will find their place to hone in on their athletic abilities while nurturing their educational paths.

In combining sport science, technology and educational excellence, the Mediterranean College of Sport is devoted to equipping students of an athletic nature, with the tools, skills and techniques needed to achieve international prowess in their prospective dual careers.

With ambition and passion our students will stretch their limits to new heights and through resilience and tenacity they will bounce back from any obstacle faster and stronger. Our core values at the Mediterranean College of Sport are based on instilling a sense of team over self where, through our creative and holistic approach, our students are better able to be courageous enough to think innovatively.


We strive to encourage them to keep respect and humility at the core of their being, both in the classroom and on the field. Opening doors and allowing them their TIME TO SHINE.


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How student-athletes can successfully balance sport and school

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The Mediterranean College of Sports speaks to university lecturer and sport psychology expert Dr. Adele Muscat about how a dual career path in specialised sports schools can help student-athletes. For…

Attitude is crucial to reaching full potential

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Attitude is crucial to reaching full potential The Mediterranean College of Sport speaks to Pippo Psaila about how athletic potential can be identified and developed to help young athletes reach…

Parents giving the athlete-child a voice and a choice

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Worried about how to parent your student-athlete child? The parents of student-athletes face challenges – but they can be dealt with effectively if you know how. Here, the Mediterranean College…
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