With a total of 100 beds available, the accommodation facilities at SportStar Lodge located within the Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) are ideal for sports teams and schools looking to send groups to a secure and athlete-focused environment

Athletes can choose from shared rooms, single rooms with shared or private bathrooms and communal spaces, allowing them to select the accommodation that best suits their needs. This flexibility ensures that every guest can find the perfect lodging solution to enhance their overall experience while enjoying a safe and comfortable environment designed specifically for athletes.

MCS goes above and beyond to support schools and athletic teams by offering on-site meeting spaces. This amenity eliminates the hassle of transporting teams and school groups to off-site locations for meetings. Our fully equipped meeting spaces provide a convenient and effective environment for team gatherings, as well as school meetings and events, facilitating seamless integration of discussions into their schedules. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall experience by providing an integrated solution for team and school meetings and accommodation needs.

The communal spaces at MCS have been created to bring people together, emphasizing inclusivity as a core principle. There’s no better way to unite people than through shared moments of laughter, vibrant conversations, delicious food, and the enjoyment of a captivating TV series in the company of newfound international friends.

Why SportStar Lodge?

  • Comfortable Accommodation: Relax and recharge in our brand new, spacious lodgings. Our accommodation is designed to provide a peaceful stay for your teams and schools, ensuring they are well-rested and ready to tackle the days ahead.
  • State-of-the-Art Sports Facilities: Train our brand new sports facilities. From well-maintained pitches to a fully equipped pavilion from our unique sport performance science centreĀ  to our half course swimming pool, we provide everything your teams and schools need to excel in their sports.
  • Customizable Catering Options: Fuel your teams and schools with delicious and nutritious meals prepared by our expert culinary team which also includes a sport nutritionist. Choose from a variety of catering options to meet their dietary preferences and requirements.
  • Flexible Packages: Tailor your stay to suit your teams’ and schools’ needs. With flexible booking options and customizable packages, you can create the perfect itinerary for their experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your team’s sports performance or enhance your school’s overall success at SportStar Lodge. Sports teams and schools can book their training camps or stays today, ensuring an exceptional experience tailored to their unique needs!

For more information contact us on: info@mcs.edu.mt