Imagine a school where the power of sport intertwines seamlessly with the pursuit of education. A place where student-athletes thrive in a vibrant learning environment, guided by dedicated professionals. Welcome to the Mediterranean College of Sport!

At our independent school for boys and girls aged 11-18 years, we understand the tremendous value of sport in shaping the lives of young individuals. We believe that by placing sport at the heart of our educational approach, we can unlock the full potential of our student-athletes. With a team of experienced and passionate staff, we are committed to delivering top-level education while nurturing a sustainable dual career eco-system.

The community spans from Secondary to Sixth Form, and also offers English language courses and sports programme courses, and residentials within and outside of term time.


To develop athletes with a growth mindset by integrating coaching,
sports science, and educational excellence in a dual career path.


To nurture holistic wellbeing through a learner-centred approach
enabling all student-athletes to unlock and fulfil their potential.


We aim to forge a dynamic community bound by a shared essence of values. These principles ignite a fiery passion within every student-athlete, employee, and volunteer, propelling us towards greatness. Our values are not mere words but the very foundation upon which we stand, offering a compass to navigate our journey of growth, both within the classroom and beyond. Our values will be the catalyst that unveils the hidden sparks of brilliance within each individual, transforming their lives into vibrant masterpieces. These are our core values:

Ambitious &

Work hard, showing relentless effort, stretching beyond your comfort zone. Seek excellence in every pursuit.

Resilient &

Bounce forward after any set back, manifest grit and never give up! Learn from your challenges and successes.

Team over

Maintain humility, be a team-player, be empathic and show respect to others giving them an opportunity to thrive.

Creative &

Be inquisitive. Be innovative. Have the courage to think outside the box and privilege a 360° perspective to life.