The Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) prides itself on its comprehensive facilities and amenities, designed to cater to the needs of its students, staff, and visitors.

Within the MCS complex, you will find a range of offerings. Our 100-bed sport hotel provides comfortable accommodations for teams utilising our top-notch training facilities for their training camps. The adjoining student accommodation quarters offer safe and affordable living spaces for international students studying at MCS. Additionally, our two-level underground parking facility can accommodate up to 200 cars, ensuring convenient access for all. To satisfy culinary needs, an eatery is available, providing delicious meals for students and visitors. Furthermore, our complex includes a childcare centre, benefiting both our staff and students by offering reliable and convenient childcare services. These various facilities and amenities within the MCS complex contribute to a supportive and enriching environment, enhancing the overall experience of those who study, work, and visit our esteemed institution.

We are delighted to introduce you to the MCS Accommodation Facilities and Student Accommodation quarters within our Sport Complex. We believe that our onsite facilities offer an array of remarkable benefits that cater to the needs of athletes and international students alike.


The MCS accommodation Facilities is designed specifically to accommodate teams utilising our top-notch training facilities for their training camps. Our hotel provides a convenient and efficient solution for athletes, offering comfortable rooms, delicious meals, and a range of amenities that enhance their overall experience. By staying within the Sport Complex, teams have immediate access to our state-of-the-art training grounds, saving valuable time and energy...


Trackside is the name of our Sports Café and Bistro, located within the MCS sports Complex. Trackside serves as a hub of energy and nourishment, catering to the needs of our students during the day and extending a warm invitation to external customers in the evening...


At MCS, user convenience is paramount. Our advanced two-level underground parking, accommodating 200 cars, ensures a hassle-free experience. No more circling for parking; our secure facility guarantees easy access for students, staff, and guests. Enjoy seamless entry to MCS's sports and learning world with our onsite underground parking.


At MCS, we value staff support and family-friendly spaces. Our upcoming onsite childcare center serves MCS and St Aloysius College staff, as well as nearby community members. This safe and nurturing environment fosters work-life balance and supports young minds' growth and development.


The Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) takes immense pride in the endorsements and testimonials it has received from experts and
scholars in the fields of education and sport. Esteemed professionals in these domains have recognized the exceptional quality of
education, training, and support offered by MCS. Their endorsements reflect the college’s commitment to academic excellence, holistic
development, and the integration of sports into the educational experience.