To Shine


The Mediterranean College of Sport is set to be the school where student-athletes will find their place to develop sport potential while nurturing their educational pathway.

In combining sport science, technology and educational excellence, the Mediterranean College of Sport is devoted to equipping students of an athletic nature, with the tools, skills and techniques needed to achieve international prowess in their prospective dual careers.

Our core values at the Mediterranean College of Sport focus on ambition and passion where our students are encouraged to work hard, stretch the limits to new heights and seek excellence in every pursuit while preserving integrity. Our students will value resilience and tenacity as they bounce back from any obstacle, faster and stronger. They will be encouraged to maintain humility and be a team-player while being courageous enough to think innovatively.


We strive to encourage them to keep respect and humility at the core of their being, both in the classroom and on the field. Opening doors and allowing them their TIME TO SHINE.


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You always have to be mentally prepared

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Professional footballer and MCS ambassador Jan Busuttil on the skills and support student-athletes need to handle the unique challenges they face in their development Jan Busuttil knows a thing or…

The opportunities MCS will offer are spectacular

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Sliema ASC and national team waterpolo player Dino Zammit on why he decided to become an Ambassador for the Mediterranean College of Sports and how he believes it could be…

The role of a sports nutritionist in a student-athlete’s training

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Mediterranean College of Sport speaks to sports nutritionist Maya Borg about the importance of proper nutrition and how a specialist works with student-athletes to help them achieve their goals. For…
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