The Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) presents an exceptional swimming programme tailored specifically for student-athletes aged between 11 and 18.

Our swimming programme offers a clear performance pathway that aims to optimize performance in the water through the development of stroke technique and the acquisition of essential swimming skills. At MCS, we believe in the power of collaboration, as our dedicated swimming coaches work hand in hand with club coaches and our multidisciplinary Sport Science & Medical department to create a unified vision of long-term development towards sustainable high performance.

The core focus of our swimming programme lies in refining stroke technique to enhance efficiency and maximise speed. Our experienced coaches employ a combination of individualised attention and group training sessions to cater to the unique needs of each swimmer. Through a systematic approach, we ensure that swimmers progress through various stages of skill acquisition, building upon foundational techniques and gradually advancing to more complex movements. Emphasis is placed on body position, breathing techniques, starts, turns, and finishes, all of which contribute to improved performance in the pool.

One of the distinctive features of our swimming programme is the integration of a multidisciplinary Sport Science & Medical department. Working in tandem with our coaches, this team of experts provides comprehensive support to our student-athletes. They collaborate to develop customised training plans, monitor performance, track progress, and address any potential concerns related to nutrition, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and recovery. This holistic approach ensures that our swimmers receive the necessary guidance and resources to excel both in and out of the water.