The Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) takes great pride in its governance structure, which comprises the Board of Governors and the Senior Leadership Team. As an independent sport school, MCS recognizes the crucial role these bodies play in shaping its strategic direction and ensuring the delivery of a top-class educational experience.

At MCS, we have a uniform policy that requires all student-athletes to wear the MCS uniform daily, both during academic classes and sports training. These uniform fosters a sense of unity and belonging within our community.

Our student-athletes have multiple training sessions per week, so it is crucial to have enough clothing to cover their sports-specific timetable. Being adequately prepared and equipped for each session is important. To assist you in planning, we have provided a recommended minimum kit list that includes essential items for training as well as what to wear during academic classes.

We understand that different sports have varying equipment requirements. Therefore, we encourage parents and students to have a discussion with their assigned coach to ensure they have the necessary kit and equipment for their specific sport. The coaches will guide you in selecting the appropriate pieces based on training and competition needs.

Training Shirts


Training Shorts


Polo Shirts


Tracksuit Top


Tracksuit Bottoms


Training Bag




In addition to the minimum kit list, we also have some optional items that you may consider:

Academic backpack

Tracksuit socks

Football socks

School Cap

By adhering to the MCS uniform and having the essential kit, your child will be ready to perform at their best and showcase their dedication to both their sport and academic endeavours. It’s important to remember that being properly attired not only creates a professional and cohesive appearance but also helps optimize the training experience. Investing in the necessary kit will ensure your child can fully engage in the MCS community and set themselves up for success.