The Mediterranean College of Sport (MCS) is proud to offer an exceptional Water Polo Programme for student-athletes aged between 11 and 18.

Our programme is built on a systematic approach to athlete development, providing a comprehensive training process that emphasises both the technical and tactical aspects of water polo while placing a premium on overall physical fitness. At MCS, we understand the importance of collaboration, and our dedicated water polo coaches will work closely with club coaches and our multidisciplinary Sport Science & Medical department to create a unified vision of long-term development towards sustainable high performance.

Our Water Polo Programme focuses on developing athletes’ technical proficiency in key areas such as passing, shooting, ball control, and defensive techniques. Through a combination of structured drills, game simulations, and match play, our coaches help student-athletes master the fundamental skills needed to excel in the sport. Additionally, our programme places a strong emphasis on tactical understanding, strategy, and team dynamics, enabling athletes to make intelligent decisions in a competitive setting.

Physical fitness plays a vital role in water polo, and our programme prioritises overall athleticism. We design training sessions that enhance strength, endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility, ensuring that our student-athletes are equipped with the physical capabilities necessary to succeed in the pool.

Our Sport Science & Medical department will work closely with our coaches to develop personalised training plans, monitor performance, prevent injuries, and optimise recovery, providing comprehensive support to our student-athletes throughout their journey.

At MCS, we foster a supportive and inclusive team environment where athletes can develop not only their skills but also essential values such as discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. Our Water Polo Programme is designed to help student-athletes reach their full potential both as athletes and individuals, providing them with a solid foundation for long-term success in the sport.